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“For me Ev Koumi is truly a master ceramist. He has an artistic gift and technical expertise that allows him to recreate nature's aesthetics & engineering. I use Ev for all my implant and conventional crown and bridge dentistry and recommend him to all like-minded dentists.”

Dr. Patrick Coffey

Apollonia House Dental, Alton, Hants

BChD Leeds

Ceramek Crown & Bridge has proved to be a company with good communication skills. The postal service is very efficient and reliable and work is returned within a short time scale. The amazing aesthetics and fit have led to my decreased stress levels."


Dr. Jill Edwards

Oasis Dental Care, Fleet, Hants


"I had been introduced to Mr Ev Koumi and his team of Ceramek through a colleague. Now I know when I want quality work, fitting accurately, with the minimum occlusal adjustment, and looking fabulous - I know where to send my Crown and Bridge work. I find the work returned to me by Ceramek to be exceptional, with an outstanding level of attention given by Mr Koumi to the aesthetic quality; all at a very fair cost. Together with quality care and assistance given by Ceramek, my level of confidence to treat complex cases has escalated."

Dr. Graham Clement

Oasis Dental Care, Fleet, Hants


“Ev is a true perfectionist! This is reflected in his exceptionally high standard and quality of crown and bridge work. He has always had a talent for art from an early age, as his sister I can confirm this!”


Dr. Kalypso Koumi

Hart Dental, Fleet, Hants

BChD Leeds

"An artistic gift and technical recreate nature's aesthetics & engineering"

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