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'Distinct quality for you and your patients'

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Tel: 01280 704 161


Welcome to Ceramek Crown & Bridge.





At Ceramek we cover all aspects of crown and bridge, and are committed to producing

high-quality restorations that match and exceed market leading standards.


At Ceramek we pride ourselves in our skillls and artistry,

creating bespoke restorations that enhance your reputation within the field of restorative dentistry. 

Why choose us?

  • UK FREEPOST Service: We supply free postal bags with first class FREEPOST labels for all of your impressions 

  • MHRA & GDC registered

  • Natural 'life-like' aesthetics

  • Personal service you can rely on

  • Precise contacts & full marginal integrity 

What we offer

  • Emax pressable crowns & veneers

  • Porcelain bonded restorations

  • Cosmetic veneers

  • Implant restorations

  • Zirconia

  • Gold restorations

  • Composite crowns & inlays

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